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Our Boats:

Odyssey Diving Club owns two boats for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Scuby: 6m RIB customized for scuba diving. It has a powerful 150hp four stroke Mercury engine. It can transfer safely 11people with their scuba gear.

Aqua: This is a 4.10m polyester power boat. It has a 40hp two stroke Suzuki engine. It can transfer up to 4 people and it is suitable for private scuba diving courses or for dives close to our base.


We have the all time classic and reliable MK2 Scubapro regulator for our customers and students.


We provide our customers with the X-One Scubapro


Paramina Typhoon is a great air compressor to fill the tanks with clean breathable air.



Padi DAN EFR BV Spro

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Phone: 0030 6948182655

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